ATW Single Wheel Conversion

  • For Isuzu NPS 250/300 & Fuso Canter FG Series trucks
    Advantages of ATW’s SWC with Toyo M608Z tyres compared to OEM dual wheels and other Single Wheel Conversions:
    •Wider and taller front tyres provide a larger footprint and added flotation to enhance off-road capability.
    •Same front and rear track means the rear tyres follow in the compacted wheel tracks of the front resulting in greatly improved off-road performance especially in soft sand and mud.
    •Same front and rear track also promotes improved stability, handling and cornering at cruising speeds.
    •Larger overall rolling diameter which results in a smoother ride & better handling over corrugations and rough ground.
    •Same ATW rims used on the front and rear axles allowing scheduled rotation and also creates the same track.
    •Inflation valves on both sides of ATW rims make inflating & deflating tyres easier, also easier access when tyres rotated.
    •Eliminates the scenario of rocks caught between the dual wheels causing severe tyre failure and potential third party damage.
    •ATW Speedo Re-Calibration Unit provides more accurate instrumentation.
    •ATW rims are ISO tested and DOT approved at 3000kg.
    •Tubeless rims and tyres used.
    •Quality Toyo 285/70R 19.5 M608Z with 145/143 load rating and a true Mud'n'Snow pattern.
    •Deeper tread depth at 16mm and 899mm rolling diameter result in greatly extended tyre life than OEM.
    •Heavier individual tyre load ratings of 2900kg per axle.
    •16 ply casings instead of 10-12 ply which equates to higher resistance to punctures and sidewall damage off-road.

    New Vehicles yet to be registered.
    Our Single Wheel Conversion Kits for new Fuso Canter FG 84 or FGB 71 and new Isuzu NPS 250/300 are now fully certified by Australian Federal Transport (DOTARS) and are Second Stage Manufacture (SSM) plated. ATW is the only known company in Australia to have these compliances for the NB2 Category (above 4500kg) vehicles.

    Previously Registered Vehicles
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